"Everything was based off a few simple zone blocking schemes and techniques to keep it simple for the OL."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Even if we get hat-on hat..we can still be out numbered.

Thus it is vital that we have a strong complimentary system to deal with these numbers games. The obvious one should be a strong passing game, either vertically off of playaction or horizontally off of bubbles/screens. These compliments must be there in order to ensure a numbers a gap/numbers advantage. Without them, the defense can bring force players and suffer little to no consequences.

Another solution, if the passing game is not adequate or up to the task would be to have a complimentary 'gap' scheme. This creates problems for a sound defensive front. See below.

GAP PULLING SCHEMES (concepts taken from runcodhit):

"Lets look at the the problem that is created. First off, consider the # of gaps that are needed to defend the running game.
There are six gaps and in this example we have 6 defenders to cover each of these gaps. So, whats the problem? The problem is that the offense moves where the gaps are on pull type plays.

What makes it a problem for the defense is that the defense does not rearrange the way that the 6 gaps are defended. So essentially, a gap is left open for the ball carrier to run through. If there is 6 gaps and 6 defenders then how is there an open gap?

The pulling scheme puts two players in one gap."

I believe that this scheme, as evidenced by our success with gut and counter, is a 'cheap' compliment to the base zone looks.,  with the pulling lineman creating that extra gap space. It will also maximize how we can me limit OL assignment while manipulating the backs.

We can then break every play down to one 4 schemes or concepts: zone, gap, screen, and pass pro

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