"Everything was based off a few simple zone blocking schemes and techniques to keep it simple for the OL."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Complimentary Plays (2)- OZ/Stretch and variations

As a base inside zone team, one of the great compliments is a stretch or outside zone play.

As defenses began to make adjustments to our inside zone play, we began to see more and more pinching and slanting to take away the off-guard track of the running back. To counter act this we decided to run around it.

Playside tackle would execute a 'Rip-Reach." He will step with his inside foot, looking to cross the face of the defender, aiming his hands and his head to the outside number of the defender. He will then continue to
This is one of the better blocks for gaining leverage on a defender, as it really allows us to pin the player right where we want him

Where this play gets 'fun' is with the play of the playside guard. We can do several things with him, depending on how the defense is playing. The DE pinches really hard, he can pull around him leading the back to the edge for a true stretch play feel. If the DE plays up on the tackle,  the guard can squeeze to the knee then work up his cylinder and it becomes an Outside zone play.

All others work a zone step to the outside number and work to wall off the defender following the same Covered/Uncovered principle from our base inside zone play.

Here is a progression of the playside guard off of a Fly-sweep

 ***NOTE: Of course, he is supposed to work his head back inside. Its still a good example of converting an outside zone to a stretch.

Below is our QB Sweep. The Lt Tackle executes a pretty decent rip reach...some call it a hook block...

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