"Everything was based off a few simple zone blocking schemes and techniques to keep it simple for the OL."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Compliments to the Zone Scheme

Was playing around with these thoughts after watching a great Glazier eclinic the other day.

As a change up of the backs aiming point, run veer away from the normal stretch of zone. All runs the same, must have tackle execute the sift correctly..ie if backer sits, you must block, if backer flows crack force.

Running Zone towards the back. Same look as veer, but a little bit hard hitting (more downhill.) Here the PST would make an under call, to go under the dive key.

We see almost all the teams we play slant to the back on our zone plays, and I think these would be great compliments to take advantage of those defensive adjustments.

Here is a similar concept we ran this year...a simple dive play, with out the reads. You can see, I think, how dynamic adding that wrinkle would make us.



Ryan Bolland said...

Love Veer as a compliment to IZ and OZ. The mesh is different and requires reps, of course, and some tweaking to make sure it is occurring close enough to the DE that he can't slow play it, but far enough away that the QB has time to read. Relatively cheap for the OL, as its basically IZ.

Coach Roth said...

We are thinking slide step by the back (or one step to zone) then downhill now holding that track till the line of scrimmage.

Or does the back attack the guards crack right now and the QB meshes at the apex? Curious how others work the mesh. Any thoughts?