"Everything was based off a few simple zone blocking schemes and techniques to keep it simple for the OL."

Friday, December 30, 2011

Covered/Uncovered Blocking

1) Covered/Uncovered.
2) Calls- who makes them: the uncovered guys.
****Will call combination then # of who they are working to****

Playside calls:
TED= Tackle and TE working to #
TAG= Tackle and Guard working to #
TAB= Guard and Center working to #

Backside calls:
SLIP= Center and Guard
SCOOP= Guard and Tackle
SIFT= Release over the center
‘If Mike sits, destroy
If Mike goes, crack flow’

So out of a tight end set against an odd defense:

55      51
E         N        E    S
O  O  X  O  O  O

Here the te and tackle are covered= no call
PS Guard calls TAG #51- tackle knows he has help to the ps b gap
BS guard calls Slip #55-center knows he has help on the bs a gap
BS Tackle has sift

We work our head/explosion through the aiming points and work the ray technique (our as some call it, a one arm bench press) with our arm extension if uncovered with our eyes on the number called.

Again uncovered guys make the call.

I think this a much clearer system that can handle all fronts and gives us more answers against more things than just "follow your rules."

Bottom line: I think it will help our kids know who and know what.

Stretch the playside and expand the backside.

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