"Everything was based off a few simple zone blocking schemes and techniques to keep it simple for the OL."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"I'm a strong believer that the structure of your practice is the singularly most determining reason for your success or lack of success as a coach."  Bob Knight

So this article took shape a long, long time ago. It has just been very difficult to FINISH it...but here is what has been completed. 

Practice tenant: "The faster we go the better we get."

I have approximately 20 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday of game week to do our individual drills. We split those two days up, Tuesday being a station day and Wednesday being a refinement/scheme/mental day (depending on what needs to be emphasized or prepared for.)

Tuesday-3 stations. (I do have the privilege of  having 2 assistant line coach who I absolutely trust. They are extensions of me and I am very fortunate to have them.)

We have two stations that that never change: a Drive Station and  a Screen station.

Drive Station: 7 or 8 players driving the sled. For us, the sled is not some mystical object that requires us to move it so much per season or per day. For us it is a way to ease the banging on the body (as the JV guys just played the day before) while allowing us to work the fit and the feet.

Screen Station: Here is essentially what we do. See the video is the best way to show it.

The final station I usually lead. It rotates between a pass pro drill and a zone station. The pass pro I call the 'hot box drill' and it's emphasizes a quick pass set and the quick short post/set steps that come from that.

For the zone station, we use a target system for the foot movement and step over bags for the track.

Most of this is here. This is from our summer skills rotation:

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