"Everything was based off a few simple zone blocking schemes and techniques to keep it simple for the OL."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clinic Notes

Attended several clinics in the area. And I am working on a comprehensive installation video.As soon as the install is ready I will share it with everyone. So, sorry for the delay in posting. 5 different articles all partially complete. Bear with me.

Here are my notes regarding multiple subjects. Just know that when I attend these things, I am only looking for 'nuggets' that either inspire me or will allow me to teach or explain something better.

From the PEMCO All-Sports Clinic on February 24-27

Bruce Brown (Motivation/Leadership:)
   1) Teaching/Motivating teams requires you to be a creative craftsman
   2) Average does not inspire/ Ability gives you credibility
   3) Really think about this: Would YOU want to play for YOU?
   4) Staff Building: First rate people are confident enough to hire first rate people. Second rate people hire
       third rate people.
   5) Fearless Play....a direct reaction to how I react to FAILED plays.
   6) If you have kids that are looking to check out (in big moments,) look in the mirror.

John Thompson, DC for Georgia State:
   1) In any Cover 3: 10-30 principle....Player responsible for deep 30, the 10 is on me as the coach.

NIKE Coach of the Year Clinic on March 4-6

Pat Ruel, Zone Guru and asst Line coach for the Sehawks
   1) Terms: Its a 'punch thru' or a 'run thru' block....not a hook or a reach
   2) Practice: "I do you".. ie at practice dont wonder about stuff....at practice practice what you do and do it
       over and over again.
  3) Zone concept: Run the board....similar to run 'your cylinder/foot path' but  for me a much more consistent
      term to deal with defensive player movement and alignment.
  4) Pass Pro: Vertical; press on the inside move....When doing the pipes visualize player movement..get the
      mental reps even if against air..

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