"Everything was based off a few simple zone blocking schemes and techniques to keep it simple for the OL."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fat Guys and Big Uglies....

What makes the Zone running game so dynamic, and in many ways explosive, is (as alluded to at the top of this blog) is the simplicity of the scheme.

When referencing schemes, or plays in particular, one first must understand that in all reality there are a million ways to do one thing. So for us, and for the sake of the kids that we coach, we try to keep things as simple as possible (the KISS principle...Keep It Simple Stupid.)

The first framework, when discussing my philosophy of zone blocking, is 'Covered/Uncovered.'

Covered/Uncovered is used in dealing with multiple defensive fronts, allowing us to ask this one question and block any defense we see. Again, this is a pre-snap framework.

In doing this, we first must define the defenders. This helps us understand who we have to block.

We define them  in a couple of ways: First level of defenders, usually the defensive line (from here on referred to as 'Fat Guys') and second level of defenders, usually the linebackers (referred to as 'Big Uglies.')

Covered= "Is the first level defender (the 'Fat Guy') covering my helmet or my playside gap hand? If yes, then the first thought is to block him. 'FAT GUYS FIRST!"

Uncovered= "No one covering my helmet? No one covering my playside gap hand? Great, step to the knee of the NEXT 'Fat Guy' defender. FAT GUYS FIRST!"

Post-Snap framework is upcoming. Like I tell my players, "Those little triangles we draw on the board? They don't stay where we put them. They move."

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